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2023/24 CHARITY OF THE YEAR (Mayor of The Royal Borough of Greenwich)

2022 Civic Award Winner: Royal Borough of Greenwich Civic Awards, 17th March 2022
Volunteer Award - presented by Mayor Denise Hyland


Javan aka DrJ, is a recording artist and live performer, having dropped two albums, and performed live, mainly in Churches in multiple countries, and very recently in the UK at the World of Life Church in SE London.


He is about to finish college and he has plans to go on and accomplish much more, so the he can continue to inspire people of all ages, with his amazing charm and pure honesty and total disregard for his challenges.


Javan knows what he wants and he doesn’t filter telling you, which makes him a great Counselor, but only if you want to hear it as it is! He loves ministering, and coupled with a retentive memory, has recited sermons on a few occasions during Church services to large congregations.


He was born to shine and he takes it all in his stride. He wants to release a third Gospel themed album, and he continues to perform for live audiences, and he promotes his Foundation, any chance he gets, so watch out!


The Foundation is Javan and Javan is the Foundation, on which The Javan Coker Foundation charity was conceived and brought to life in the UK in 2018. Esther continues to do an amazing job keeping the dream well and truly alive.

Esther has built up a formidable team of earnest and honest Board of Trustees, Volunteers and Support Staff, who collectively continue to deliver impressive interventions to their target audience in the wider community, with her as the dynamic CEO.


Due to their collective diligence, the foundation has gained a very loyal band of well-wishers and organizations that continue to partner and collaborate with the Javan Coker Foundation brand.

The Javan Coker Foundation (1181275) is registered with the Charity Commission in England & Wales, and is an elated Royal Borough of Greenwich 'Civic Award' Winner.

"Volunteer Award Category winner, 2022!!! (17th March)"

Our mission is "to empower children, and young people with disabilities and special educational or additional needs (SEND), and their families, to reach their full potential".

Esther has cared for Javan since she conceived him and has lived her life for nothing, but him, so when Javan couldn’t stop talking about establishing some sort of organisation to support young people who have to overcome similar challenges that he had to overcome; which he continues to do successfully, it was a foregone conclusion that The Javan Coker Foundation would be born, and Esther would have to bear the brunt of making it function, as Javan wants it to day by day.


Esther is a fully trained Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Health Visitor),Community Practitioner Nurse Prescriber and Registered  Paediatric Nurse in the UK, who is dedicated ,since 2018, to the administration of The Javan Coker Foundation, a role she continues to play, as well as being Javan’s primary carer for life. Javan won’t have it any other way, so the bond is unbreakable and The Javan Coker Foundation will live forever.

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Meet The Javan Coker Foundation team in 2023 ... join us

Registered with the Charity Commission in England & Wales, our Objects include;

1. To relieve children and young adults with disability and special needs whilst also providing support to their families, friends and/or carers.

2. To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing the social exclusion of people who suffer from learning difficulties and/or a disability.

The Mayor of Bexley & a selection of Javan Coker Foundation Staff & Volunteers in 2023

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