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We have been working hard to support our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank our faceless volunteers! Post COVID-19, we're going to be doing something especially for Dads.

Esther Sesay

CEO & Co-founder



COVID safety tips

March 2020 to 2023

1.Telephone and Zoom welfare checks; we also continue to arrange Zoom meetings with / for clients.


2. Supporting families and individuals with personal hygiene, food and home cleaning essentials with assistance from major brands such as; Neighbourly, FareShare and Morrisons Supermarket.

3. Our Heroes in Blue: Presented care and pamper packs to the Pediatric Wards at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.



4. Southwark Reaching Out: A collaborative project implemented with KDLK  and She-Bar Concepts, with support from The Vavengers and Southwark Council. (May to November  2020)

5. Mummy Pamper Packs for our Super Mums.  (Carers' Week - June 2020)

6. Southwark Reaching Out: A collaboration with She-Bar Cconcepts, KDLK , and The Vavengers, with support from The Home Office (July  to October 2020)

7. In collaboration with Morrisons and Just A Helping Hand, we organized an evening of food, drinks and entertainment for the elderly.

8. In collaboration with Morrisons we supported 30 families with school lunches over the October 2020 half- term break.

9. Ladies Empowerment Workshop (LEW) funded by The Royal Borough of Greenwich started off as face to face interactions but with the Tier 3 restrictions was changed to virtual Zoom sessions.

10. Ladies Empowerment Workshop for fourteen ( 14) who each received well stocked Christmas  hampers and gifts for themselves and their families.   

11. We donated  a total of forty-seven (47) family packs to a local church to support families with ‘nil recourse to public funds’. Christmas 2020.

12. We distributed fifteen (15) Christmas  Hamper Vouchers for vulnerable families courtesy of The Kingdom Harvest Church in Slade Green.

13. We distributed ten (10) boxes of treats donated by The Charlton Athletic Football Club to celebrate Super Hero Dads. The happy recipients included two (2) fathers nominated by The Wilodene School for Special Needs located in Plumstead, of which Javan is a graduate.

14. Christmas presents distribution:
a. In collaboration with Morrisons, forty-two (42) children and six (6) young adults were made marvelously merry with amazing gifts.
b. With the support of Mamakind we were able to take the Christmas cheer to eighteen (18) families.

15. Christmas food drive:

In collaboration with FareShare UK, we were able to make a positive difference to sixty (60) children over the Christmas and new year. (December 2020 to January 2021)

16. We received Take and Make Food Boxes from The Hawksmoor Youth Hub in Thamesmead, from which eight (8) families  benefited. (February 2021 half-term break)

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TJCF-TV presents... supporting families

Feedback from a parent whose children participates in the SAFE SPACE 4 SEND program

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