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TJCF-TV presents... The Javan Coker Foundation Prizegiving & Awards Ceremony - 1st April 2023

The Javan Coker Foundation thanks the Mayor of The Royal Borough of Greenwich and the Mayor of Bexley, and the Mayoresses, and all the other dignitaries, for attending our first Annual Prizegiving and Awards Ceremony. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

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Javan Coker



Esther Sesay (Mom)


Royal Borough of Greenwich Civic Awards 2022

SAFE SPACE 4 SEND @37 Hospital in Ghana: November 2022

Family feedback for the SAFE SPACE 4 SEND program in 2023

My Story! My Life! Ladies Together Conference in 2022

Javan himself at a SAFE SPACE 4 SEND event in London in 2023

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